And apparently role playing isnt allowed on dA anymore.

Im so bored.. I havent role played in months. That staff one doesnt count. 

Woah woah woah. Wheres GalacticKnights blog...? O_o It says its gone. Hm. 

*sigh* I dont want to go anywhere today... .-. 

Oh, thats what happened.. They changed the link.

Well. All my school stuffs fills up an entire freaking laundry basket. I know Im only going to use like half of that crap, if I havent already stated this.

.3. Im gonna draw now.. I realize Ive clicked no-one back on Pokefarm, but Im just not in the mood today.. Maybe Ill log on later.. I dont know.

Meh.. It wasnt working, so I used a base.

I ended up with this. 030


Yeah.. .3. 

Dang.. Ive been using the wrong flashdrive.. DX Im going to have to transfer it all over to my Sandisk now..

OH MY GOD. //crawls back// I just took seventy two screenshots. //falls over// 

//gets up and grabs your (Teh readers xD) shirt// DONT MAKE ME EDIT ANOTHER SCREENSHOT TONIGHT. PLEASE. I CANT DO IT. //lets go of your shirt and lays on ground// 

Oh, look at this. owo I love this picture.


I found it earlier today ewe

As for the screenshots.. Lets just say Insanity did another shiiping thread. xD

Ill do the screenshots tomorrow. I dont want to upload seventy two in one night. D:

I have a new thing now. //wiggles eyebrows//

//smashes Zoshis head into -insert food and/or plant here-// NOW KISS!


030 This is gonna seem a bit short to me tonight.. Oh well. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways.... Imma go read and talk to Kayla now.


Im going to the summer home again tomorrow. I almost forgot xD

Either way, Ill be on tomorrow.

Bye! //waves// :D